10 Lesser Known Facts About Me

#2. Brit, in my past life

Kamna Kirti


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I’m an engineer turned writer and Youtuber. I worked in corporate for 10 years and resigned with no backup in my mind. I don’t advise this to anyone. I was lucky, we are financially stable and my husband has a full-time income.

My past job entitled me to a decent salary and great exposure in terms of growth but I was never content though. I couldn’t relate to the work I was doing, slogging as a software engineer, often 12 hours a day. What it did help me with was a reasonable stash of savings to fall back to.

Today I make less money but I am blessed with sustained contentment. I have never been this inquisitive with things around me in my entire life. I love my flex-schedule, I feel privileged to continue doing what I love. Thanks to my husband.

Here are 10 other lesser-known facts about me.

1. Borderline finicky

I’m a sucker for cleanliness. Uncluttered spaces, spick and span rooms and crisp clothing hits my list. I clean the kitchen slab 5 times a day.

2. Brit, in my past life

I love splurging my money on high teas, cafes and museums. While the first two seem innate, the third has been developed recently.



Kamna Kirti

Art and life enthusiast. I engage with art at a deep level. I love to document my life experiences. Mama to Yoda 🐕 and Rumi 👨‍👧‍👶