10 Powerful Habits I Learned in the Last 10 Years

Kamna Kirti
3 min readJun 10, 2023
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I have had some deep realizations. No, they have been happening for the past 5 years, but everything makes sense now. Your life experiences — good, bad, and ugly — teach you a village of habits. These 10 habits have helped me sail through the toughest times in life.

1. Health

This is the most powerful pillar of life.

When I was 25, I worked for 14 hours, earned a decent amount of money, but terribly compromised my health.

As I grew older, a series of events occurred in my life. Recurring miscarriages, constant leg injuries, and weight problems led me to live a healthy lifestyle.

All this made me realize that health is the biggest asset. A balanced diet, less junk and early dinners have helped me heal and recover.

2. Time Management

Since high school, this has been my biggest superpower.

But when I entered my 30s, I started misusing this superpower.

The productivity bug affected my mind and relationships. I started keeping track of time so minutely that I felt emotionally unstable and burnt out.

And then I realized that time management is not all about continuous work.

You can produce your best work by focusing on only 4 hours of deep work.

3. Reading

I started reading when I got married at 29.

Before that, I only studied and had no clue about reading books or knowing about the world in general.

But once I began, I never stopped.

Fiction introduced me to the world of storytelling. Memoirs taught me how to deal with life’s adversities and respond to them better.

4. Writing

I started writing when I was 33 and had my first miscarriage.

I had this urge to put my trauma on paper. Since then, I have written more than 200 articles. My passion for reading and writing about paintings and artworks has opened a new avenue for me.

5. Yoga and Meditation



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