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Why do we hate to love tragedy?

Dante’s and Virgil’s journey to the eighth circle of hell by William by Adolphe Bouguereau

Why do we hate to love tragedy? It could be a horror movie, true crime docuseries or a nightmarish painting. The other day I saw a disturbing documentary on Netflix. I knew it was unsettling but I kept binge-watching it anyway and felt disgusted afterward.

Why do we romanticize macabre?

Deconstructing the reasons behind Michelangelo’s “men with breasts”

Night by Michelangelo. Her sturdy contoured legs and her left breast looks misshapen and stiff. Source-Public Domain

Michelangelo wrote in one of his poems, “I’m ugly.” He believed he did not meet societal beauty standards.

Despite this, he spent his entire life in pursuit of sublime perfection.

Michelangelo’s David is indeed the most perfect statue in the world. …

5 controversial modern artworks that will make you uncomfortable

Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party with personalized vulvas. Credit — Brooklyn Museum

What makes art controversial? This is a tough question. Often what demarcates controversial art from non-controversial art is individual perception and subjectivity. When an artwork divides audiences, sparks reactions, and upsets general culture and expectations, it tends to be a controversial piece of art.

Sometimes an artwork might not adhere…

The wildest and weirdest imaginations of surrealists

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening by Salvador Dalí. Source — Public Domain

Language confines our imagination.

Art on the other hand is not worried about the words, nor about the sentence that follows the sentence to complete the idea. For a surrealist painter, the idea doesn’t even have to be perfect or complete. It just has to be. Exist!

The visual vocabulary…

Will it be the Nike of Gen Z?

Photo by Aaron Brogden on Unsplash

In 2012, Ben Francis was 19 when he bootstrapped the brand Gymshark. The sports apparel brand achieved unicorn status in 2020.

Here are some quick nuggets for you —

  • Gymshark sells fitness apparel and accessories exclusively through its website and does not partner with e-commerce giants like Amazon.
  • In 2020…

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