A Year to Remember: 2022 in Review

Embracing failure and building resilience

Kamna Kirti


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I started writing on Medium in March 2020. 400+ articles and 35K followers.

Writing has consistently helped me —

  • to process and cope with difficult emotions and adversities.
  • a creative outlet for self-expression.
  • and satiate my curiosity glands.

Sahil Bloom’s annual review template inspired my 2022 annual review.

So let’s get started.

1. What did I change my mind on this year?

After a 3-year sabbatical from corporate, two months ago, I resumed my 9–5 job.

I could not create sustainable income through writing online and freelancing drained my energy.

So I put my feet into something in which I had massive experience, feel financially secure, and continue writing as a side hustle.

2. What created energy this year?

The arrival of our first pet — our golden retriever — Yoda has been a life-changing experience. His energy, playfulness and head tilting have been truly infectious.

My brother getting married to the love of his life and family time was another energy booster.

3. What drained energy this year?

Financial insecurity drained my energy.

And so, I took a creative break, landed a full-time job, reworked my finances, and made a comeback to writing after a 3-month hiatus.

4. Who were the boat anchors in my life?

Boat anchors are the people or things that hold you back or weigh you down.

I blatantly avoided people who tried to invade my personal space.

5. What did I not do because of fear?

My ongoing struggles with knee injuries stopped me from trying summer activities including kayaking and paddle boarding.

6. What were my greatest hits and misses?



Kamna Kirti

Art and life enthusiast. I engage with art at a deep level. I love to document my life experiences. Mama to Yoda 🐕 and Rumi 👨‍👧‍👶