I’m at Most Peace With Myself

No, I’m not earning $10K a month still

Kamna Kirti


Author with her mother

I’m 35.

At 25, I was extremely ambitious and wanted to do something extraordinary while becoming rich. Well, I worked in IT for 14 hours a day, saved $12K and visited 10 countries, but the zest of doing something extraordinary was unfulfilled.

At 32, my life took a 360-degree turn.

I left my job to be with my husband in the US, experienced recurring pregnancy losses and my health was in terrible shape. From 32 to 35, life threw me one curve ball after another. I was mostly angry and frustrated with the decisions I took and the choices I made.

And who had to bear the reactions? Unfortunately, my poor husband!

All these life adversities made me rethink and work on my inner being. I learned how to respond and not react and be responsible for my own happiness.

Hence, my journey to strengthen my inner being began.

First, I realized I was completely broke. Though my husband was earning well, I had no bank balance of my own. I decided to resume my full-time job. As I had ample experience in the corporate world, I knew getting a job wouldn’t be tough for me.

Well, I got a remote job as a Customer Success Manager with 45 days of preparation. At that time, I was 16 weeks pregnant. My first issue was solved and I started earning $5K a month with 4–5 hours of work.

Next, I wanted my pregnancy to be a truly beautiful experience. I started regular meditation and journaling. For the first time in the last 10 years, I performed these rituals daily. And honestly, this has boosted my inner confidence more than ever.

I’m less self critical now and working to harness my potential to the fullest without competing with anyone.

The pregnancy phase became an experience I had always wished for, and now as I write this, my daughter is 35 days old. With the support of my husband and parents, I was able to handle the birthing phase pretty well.

In terms of my goals, I’m clear on what I would like to pursue next.

For my short-term goals — I’ll try to make a move in my full-time job this year and aim for a…



Kamna Kirti

Art and life enthusiast. I engage with art at a deep level. I love to document my life experiences. Mama to Yoda 🐕 and Rumi 👨‍👧‍👶