Steal an Hour for Yourself as a New Mother

I call it my sacred hour

Kamna Kirti


Our baby girl ‘Rumi’ was born on May 10th, 2023.

After recurring miscarriages and a desperate wait, we welcomed our little one.

Though I underwent a c-section, I feel incredibly fortunate for the postpartum care I received. My parents traveled from India to Canada to support us and my husband could take an entire month of paid paternity leave.

But those first 15 days as a new mother were super tough.

Even with my mother managing our meals and my husband taking care of Rumi, I still felt overwhelmed. Around the clock, I was breastfeeding, changing diapers and taking care of our newborn.

All this while, I realized that even if we dedicate an hour to ourselves, it would make a world of difference in managing everything.

By setting aside the never-ending to-do list and prioritizing our well-being.

By asking our husband, spouse, partner, or even our parents to take on the role of babysitting our child.

By stealing that one hour as a new mother, we can:

  • Relax and unwind.
  • Spend moments of solace.
  • Practice self care.
  • Nurture our passions.

Here’s what I have been doing in 2 months of motherhood


When Rumi was three days old and I was discharged from the hospital, I was in extreme pain and felt disconnected from my body. Journaling allowed me to embrace every feeling and brought a sense of relaxation.


Sitting quietly helped me to stay calmer during this new chapter.

Soaking Sunlight

I had a simple rule. If I’d be able to recover quickly from my surgery, I could take care of my baby and family well.

So during the first 45 days, I prioritized my health.

I often felt cold even in 22-degree Celsius temperatures. So, I made it a point to spend time in direct sunlight, which felt like a rejuvenating sauna for my body and helped ease the pain.



Kamna Kirti

Art and life enthusiast. I engage with art at a deep level. I love to document my life experiences. Mama to Yoda 🐕 and Rumi 👨‍👧‍👶